Transferring Data from and to Idun

Input data is needed in order to perform useful computations. This data needs to be transferred to and from Idun.

Working Directories and Quota

Every user is the owner of a home and work directory on Idun:

  • Home directory: /home/<username>
  • Work directory: /lustre1/work/<username>

The home directory is the current directory after login. The work directory should be used as the main directory for the input/output data of computations. In order to avoid the over-utilization of storage by a single user, both directories are limited in the size of usable disk space and number of files by a disk quota. The quota can be check as follows:

>$ lfs quota -u <username> /lustre1

Filesystem  kbytes    quota  limit       grace  files   quota  limit    grace
/lustre1    41220664  0      1000000000  -      289932  0      2000000  -

The lfs command prints the used disk space and its limit in kilobytes . In the above example, the user occupies ca. 41GB of disk space and owns 289932 files. The user's limits are set to a maximum of 1TB of usable disk space and 2000000 files.

Note: Neither the home nor the work directory are backed up.

File Transfer

Idun has two samba servers, and, that enable the mounting of a user's home and work directory directly to its local machine. The respective paths to the shares are:

  • Home directory: //<samba-server>/<username>
  • Work directory: //<samba-server>/work


In Windows, the file explorer can be used to attach the home/work directory as a network drive. Navigate to File Explorer -> Map network drive and enter the details as shown below:

Replace <username> with your Idun user. This mounts the home directory as drive Z into the File Explorer.