Idun Cluster

Idun is a Tier 2 cluster at NTNU. It is a project between NTNU's faculties and the IT division to provide a high-availability and professionally administered compute platform for NTNU. While the IT division provides the backbone of the cluster, such as switches for high-speed interconnection, storage, and provisioning servers, the individual faculties/departments provide the compute resources.

Currently, it consists of:

  • 11 shareholders - 1 faculty, 8 departments, 2 research groups
  • 77 compute nodes - ca. 2000 CPU cores
  • 7 admin nodes - 3 login nodes, 2 samba servers, 1 slurm controller, 1 provisioning server
  • 5 lustre file system nodes
  • 1 test node
  • 100 GPUs - 54 NVIDIA P100 16Gb, 26 NVIDIA V100 32Gb, 20 NVIDIA V100 16Gb

In total, the investment in Idun is ca. 25 MNOK.

Cluster Components

Every cluster consists of three major components:

  1. Nodes for computation and administration
  2. High-throughput and low latency interconnect
  3. Parallel file system

Cluster Workflow

The general workflow on a cluster is as follows:

  1. Login
  2. File transfer
  3. Loading software
  4. Running jobs