Logging in to Idun

Users can log in to Idun using an SSH client and one of its three login nodes: idun-login1.hpc.ntnu.no, idun-login2.hpc.ntnu.no, and idun-login3.hpc.ntnu.no.


Open a terminal and use the following command to log in to Idun:

>$ ssh -l <username> idun-login1.hpc.ntnu.no

<username>@idun-login1.hpc.ntnu.no's password:

Please replace <username> with your NTNU user name. If you wish to use another login node, then please replace idun-login1 with either idun-login2 or idun-login3.


Windows does not natively ship with an SSH client, and a third party client, such as PuTTY, is required.


After invoking PuTTY, the user is greeted with the following screen:

Enter idun-login1.hpc.ntnu.no (or any of the other login nodes) into the field Host Name (or IP address) and press Open. PuTTY should ask you now for your login details in order to acces the login node:

Enter your NTNU user name and your password and you should be logged in to the node.